Sunday, September 10, 2006

Go!Go!7188 - Kinkyori Renai

At last Go!Go!7188 are releasing a new single after nearly two years of uncertain silence. They've had solo careers going on, Yumi Nakashima has her band 'Chirinuruwowaka' and an album called 'Iroha', and Akiko Hamada had a solo album called 'Aruyou de naiyou de Arumono'. Both albums are excellent though quite different from each other. I'm so relieved to hear they they're still together, one of my dreams was/is to see them live, at least for now, that dream remains alive. If only they'd tour the UK... yeah dream on. They are however touring Japan for the rest of this year and into early 2007.

Right, some details... the new single is called 'Kinkyori Renai' (Short-Distance Love), due for release on 13th September 2006, with the other track being 'Denwa wo Toritakunai Hi' (The Day When I Didn't Take My Phone). Apparently, according to the Wiki, there is also an album due out in October called 'Parade' though their official site doesn't confirm this as yet. Still, it looks like they've been quite busy getting new stuff together.

I'll be back with a review when I get mine delivered. In the meantime here's some background info at their official site and on the wiki

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Anonymous said...

but are they as good as the arctic monkeys?