Thursday, March 30, 2006

Possibly the Coolest Bar In Cardiff

Just spent the night with a few friends at a very chilled place down in Cardiff Bay called 'Bar Cwtch' (pronounced Cooch - as in 'cuddle up to' or 'small space'). Excellent, quiet atmosphere, no mayhem, fantastic food, nice wine, very friendly staff, and only about 20 people in total - just far enough away from the madding crowd.

The word 'cwtch' has a few meanings here in Wales... here's a quote from...
Valley Voices

..."And 'cwtch' the word, the wonderful word 'cwtch' has got so many meanings. Now, we have still got a cwtch under the stairs" ... "and she's from Blaencwm! I don't know if they say space under the stairs or what, but it's cwtch to us. And of course you can come and have a cwtch, you know, catch hold of someone - cwtch. You can tell a dog to go and cwtch, and then we had a coal cwtch, so that's about four different meanings there."

I'm not sure but it may have similar roots to the word 'coop' or 'coopy', meaning a 'small chicken house' or 'to crouch down' but I think I prefer Cwtch. The Bar is actually down some steps and has an low-lit atmosphere just right for cwtching.
Anyways - a well-thought out monicker for a great bar. Check it out :-)


Welshrogue said...

Having lived in Cardiff for 28 years before crossing the pond to Canada, Cwtch always meant a cuddle or snuggle. Something like a hug but warmer. A couple might have a cwtch and watch TV or something...

Its a wonderful word!

Anonymous said...

i've been to that bar and it's rubbish. they didn't even serve watneys red barrel. philistines!