Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sending Large Files

A friend of mine asked the other day how he could send files to people that are larger than allowed by attachment through his email account. I did a bit of research and there are quite a few of these services now which allow you to send up to about 1GB.

Here's a list of the services I've found that allow you to send BIG files across the net instead of via e-mail.
Pro's - Free, up to 1GB in size.
Cons - Only available for 3 days (for recipient to pick up the file - the receiver may not check their email regularly enough so by which time the file may no longer be available). Only 3 downloads per file then its deleted.
Pro's - 7 days for recipient(s) to pick up the file, 25 downloads per file.
Cons - Max 100MB for free, or 1GB for $5 per month !!
Pro's and Cons sames as
Pro's - 14 days availability.

Pro's - Available until no-one downloads it for a period of 30 days, then its deleted.

Pro's for all - you can upload BIG files and have them available on the net for a few days.
Con's for all - some people are still on dial-up and won't want to download anything BIG, so be careful who you send the big files to.

If anyone knows of other ones then please post a comment.
Hope this helps you decide, should you need such a service.

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