Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Electric Eel Shock Review

Went to see EES in Cardiff Uni on Saturday night (yep - Nov 5th - I gave up the fireworks displays and Guy Fawkes shenanigans). They were supporting The Bloodhound Gang, and completely blew them away. In fact both other bands were not worthy of sharing the same stage let alone the same bill. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the first support band, if only to avoid them in future, maybe someone can enlighten me in a comment. Anyway, after a long wait, EES took to the stage and from the first chant of 'Bastard', they completely ruled. They really know how to work a crowd, classic rock riffs in between songs, loads of audience interaction, and in no time everyone was going mental, with 2 mosh pits forming front and centre. For a 3 piece they make a superb noise, though I'd like to have heard a bit more of the guitar, especially during the solo parts, (always a problem with one guitar :-) ). I'd actually only heard 3 of their tracks before going to the gig (Scream For Me, Beat Me and Bastard - videos available from their website), but that was all I needed to get my arse down there. I found myself joining in to almost every song even though I'd never heard them before, they just seemed that familiar. I presume they're mostly taken from their new album 'Beat Me'. If you like a great party atmosphere and good old rock'n'roll inspired by the likes of Sabbath, Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Maiden, then you should go out of your way to catch these guys. After their set, we hung around the side of the stage to say Hi, and to thank them for a fantastic show (hence the photo top right).

The headliners (why?) were The Bloodhound Gang. Not my cup of tea at all, bland Americana, a bass player that would look better in a gay body building magazine, a lead singer the size of Napoleon and an attitude to match, and songs that are just instantly forgettable. Even though the crowd seemed to enjoy them, they just weren't a patch on the mighty Electric Eel Shock.

EES - You Rock!

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