Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hard Drives - Size Matters?

I had a drive failure recently which re-enforced my dislike of such huge storage devices. Yes I lost some stuff, and yes I should have backed it all up, and I shouldn't moan but it's my prerogative so here goes. It was only an 80GB drive (I didn't want to get a bigger one) and it was mostly my music collection and video collection that bore the brunt of it, although most of it was backed up. Also the drive was the newest one in my system at only 10 months old. I dread to think what I could have lost had it been one of these new(ish) 500GB drives. There's just no way you can back up all that data unless you spend loads on tape backup devices and 30GB tapes, otherwise it would take about 116 DVDs !! HD-DVD format wars are being settled as we speak but it'd still take 10 of those at 50GB each, and hard drives are not gonna stop growing just yet methinks. By the time the HD-DVD recordables are available, hard drives will probably be up near a Terabyte of storage. Where will it all end?

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