Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Desktop Sidebar

With the advent of RSS feeds, Atom and XML, it is now a lot easier to keep up to date on key websites that you are interested in. Any website that posts new content regularly can feed this information to anyone interested enough to copy the feed URL into a feed reader. Desktop sidebar does this very nicely indeed. I currently have 4 feeds in it and get the latest posts from www.theregister.co.uk broadband, bbc technology news, otaku news UK edition and Jpop.com . So now rather than going to each site in turn to see whats new, it comes directly to my desktop all day everyday, updating every half hour. Perfect.

But Desktop Sidebar is more than just a glorified feed reader. It also has configurable plugin panels to show the time, weather, a slideshow of your pics or from a URL, Winamp control, Windows Media Player control, command line search (via Google but configurable to others), a quicklaunch bar, stock ticker and loads more. If you like Sudoku, there's a plugin panel to have that on the desktop sidebar all day for those quiet moments too. Check it out at www.desktopsidebar.com

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