Thursday, July 14, 2005

Earth Google

I used to use a utility/program called Earthviewer (Keyhole) to view satellite images of earth wrapped on a globe, but you only had a time limited demo to play with, so when it ran out I gave up on it. Now however, Google have bought it, and they've re-released it together with a free version, which quite frankly rocks. You get to access terrabytes of hi-resolution photography of Mother Earth, zoom in on Tokyo Tower, find places you've visited, sit inside the blown-off cap of Mount St Helens, and all of it in 3D (of sorts). You can also post links onto the globe and make them available to everyone via the Keyhole Community BBS. Kind of like a 3D internet based on the geography of the world. You can search the world and maybe find something no-one else has seen yet! Like maybe a topless sunbather on Miami beach haha. I actually spent a couple of hours locating all this year's Formula 1 tracks (yeah - sad I know) , and marvelled at how I could zoom right down to track level and read stuff. Then I found out that other people had thought of F1 tracks and had posted links to every single part of the Silverstone track, right down to where the TV cameras are. Anyway, nuff said... it's a cool program... go get your hands on it at Earth Google.

Oh BTW, you need a fairly decent gfx card that can run either OpenGL or DirectX (runs fine on my nVidia FX5200 - £30), and a broadband connection to stream the data.

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