Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Internet Explorer Blog

With other news that IE7 is due sometime soon (already in Beta) and that it will be more CSS compliant (woot!) than previous versions, the job of web design should get a darn site (get it... darn site... oh never mind) easier. If you want to follow developments in IE, straight from the horses mouth, then click over here IEBlog.


Luc said...

I'll stick with my Firefox...Cause I like it!

Cowki said...

Hi Luc (ah Skyywalker - the barman huh?)
Yep... me 2 :-)
I use Firefox pretty much exclusively now, only firing up IE for those silly sites that won't work otherwise.

Gaby de Wilde said...

Firefox is great. :-)

The link to the MSDN blog doesn't work for me. Who's to blame for that?

Cowki said...

yeah I got the same problem now.... what you done to it? I tried going to the root and got this...

"We are currently unable to serve your request

We are sorry, but there was an error and your request could not be completed

This error has been logged and the issue should be resolved shortly

Sorry for the inconvenience."

Maybe try later ;-)

Cowki said...

Hi Gaby,
Like the googlefox blog a lot... and the RSS link to your Sage tutorial (short and sweet). Couldn't leave a comment cause I'm not a Yahoo 360 member... sorry.