Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lights and Tunnels

Deadlines are a double edged sword.

On the one hand they make you focus and work hard to achieve them, but on the other hand, you know that usually the harder you work the more you know you're gonna party afterwards. If this is true, then I'm in for one hell of a party soon. A major deadline is looming, which I've been working towards for about a year, and which will totally affect my future plans. If it all comes off I'll be moving house, earning loads of money and I'll be a lot more secure. At times there seemed like there was no end to the preparation but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Maybe there is a God after all.

Weirdly, the last few months, things just seem to be slotting into place, people being in the right place at the right time, new people turning up which have become integral to the plans. There must be some kind of planetary conjunction or alignment. Sorry if I'm being vague but I don't want to spoil the 'karma' by blurting out exactly what the plan is. Suffice to say that it's in a slightly different direction doing more of what I do currently, something which I enjoy. It involves major expansion, something that a self-employed person cannot achieve alone, or rather I haven't been able to.

All I can say is 'Bring it on'

More posts to follow I'm sure.

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Terry said...

Party on, motherf***ker!!!!
Just make sure you invite me!!