Friday, April 08, 2005


Well it seems that I've got another outlet to enjoy that special brand of entertainment known as Jpop (Japanese Pop for the uninformed). The guys over at JPOPSUKI have got nearly 300 Jpop videos to watch. You need at least a 300kbps internet connection and something capable of viewing NSV streams - Nullsoft Video - so I use Winamp as per usual. They say its under test for the moment but I've had no problems with it. Not much in the way of Jrock or VK but there is some PSYCHO LE CEMU, the punkier hip hop of FLOW, the excellent grunge pop of HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR (PRIDE), SHIINA RINGO (brilliance personified) and more MORNING MUSUME (and their sub-groups) than you could shake a big stick at. So do yourself a favour and go check out the streaming videos at JPOPSUKI.

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