Friday, April 22, 2005

BlogAmp and Audioscrobbler

When I'm at the computer, I'm invariably listening to music of some description or another. For some time I've been thinking of someway to incorporate my musical tastes into my blog. Whilst surfing the other day I found this cool - but apparently quite old - plugin for Winamp called BlogAmp. Like the Ronseal TV commercial, it does exactly what it says on the tin... It uses a couple of javascripts to FTP your song history to your webspace. I've got it set up on my yahoo space because I haven't got ftp access to my blogger site (freebie version). It lists the last 20 songs that I've listened to. You can check it out in my sidebar (brought in within an 'iframe' from my yahoo site.

Also, I found this rather cool site called Audioscrobbler which does a similar job and much more. It plugs-in to most media players and tracks your music playing tastes and automatically generates 'charts' of your most played music, combines your charts with other people's, allows you to check out other people's tastes, get musical 'neighbours' with similar tastes, and lots more. Check it out...

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