Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Just Another Year? Not Quite ;-)

Well I thought I'd take this opportunity to wish all visitors and readers a very happy New Year or 'akemashite omedeto'. Here we are in 2005 already, it seems like only yesterday we were all worried about the Millennium bug.

Continuing on from 2003, I suppose I'll remember 2004 as the year I found so much cool and refreshing music, so much in fact that now I listen to it more often than any British music. The UK chart is just so full of crap spawned from satan's sperm - better known as 'Reality TV', Pop Idol, Fame Academy, X Factor et al. Talentless, uninspiring, heartless SHITE (bar few). I started looking elsewhere for musical inspiration and thanks to
Winamp's streaming channels, soon settled on NTCast's Jpop/Kpop/Cpop - streaming videos of fresh exciting asian talent, J-Fan Radio - mcAC's voice makes it all worthwhile, and CDJapan - an excellent place to buy imported Japanese CDs. Of the many artists I've come across, I'd recommend GoGo7188, Cherry Filter, Youjeen, Onitsuka Chihiro, Rip Slyme, Dragon Ash, Globe, Every Little Thing, Judy & Mary (sadly split up) - the list is just too long.

Anyway if, like me, you are looking for something different musically, or you just don't like the music you are being 'fed', then I suggest you try Winamp and 'any' foreign music. It'll help you learn about other languages, cultures, people and of course don't forget 'yourself'.

Here's wishing you all - an inspired 2005.

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Terry said...


(That were me Tom Baker impression!)

Will have to get blogging myself, in a control stylee. So watch this space. Had an 'interesting' 2004 myself, albeit not as much 'fun' as you. But having re-sorted my priorities, here is the outcome: less booze :( more health & fitness :) new plan for world domination :) cruelly shot down in flames by who I thought was the 'one' :(

Will tell you more when I sees you.

Have fun, chapster!