Saturday, November 27, 2004

Site Updates

There've been a few changes to the site layout so I thought I'd post them so its official.

  • Most feed readers are now supported. I've switched to FeedBurner which I find very good if you want RSS from a free blogspot account. There's a link in the sidebar under 'Keep up to date'.
  • Comments load with the page and open inline. There's no re-loading a page necessary. The comments link just toggles them off and on. I felt I wanted to see comments on by default to give commenters more of a voice in the page.
  • Now loads more posts per page. Maybe a longer loadtime, but once only, and then you got it all.
  • Changed the timestamp format for the comments to include the Date. Should have seen this setting ages ago.
  • Re-shuffled the order of the sidebar contents. Chatterbox sometimes would stall the loading of the page so now it starts offscreen. Let me know if you think overall its better or worse.
  • Sidebar titles was missing in the style sheet, so I've made them the same as post titles
  • Running an Ad exchange service near the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Finally, there's a poll at the bottom of the sidebar to discover how much time people spend blogging. Please cast a vote.
Who would have thought blogging would take up so much time already?

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