Thursday, November 25, 2004

Japanese Slang

I'm just off to the local boozer for quiz night (mmm... any excuse huh) but I thought I'd post these 2 links before I leave. Firstly... a Japanese Slang site so you can learn how to swear and stuff (first port of call in any language I'd imagine), then another more general Japanese links site. Enjoy... Right I'm off to the pub quiz in which we'll probably come our usual 3rd from last. Those old duffers in the corner seem to win every week.... uzai !!

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Cowki said...

Dammit !! Did the pub quiz thang and thought we were doing quite well. Turned out it was our best score yet at 38, so we were hopeful of being in the middle somewhere or maybe even better, but no - our worst position ever - LAST!! Seems like everyone else had their best score ever too... Damned old codgers B-(