Friday, October 29, 2004

Music to my ears

I've been really busy of late, feast or famine being de-rigeur for the self employed, and have been doing 5 jobs at once. Which is why I ain't been posting anything at all. I've still got 3 on the go, so you'll forgive me for celebrating my free time with a slightly odd post.

I've basically gone mad over the last 2 days and not slept at
all. I got hooked downloading Japanese music and found a band that I, 9 tracks later, think are fan feckin tastic. They go under the rightfully bizarre monicker of "Go! Go! 7188". A kind of punky Jpop that has got me singing along with renewed vigour that I thought work had taken out of me. The band is a made up of 2 girls, Yuu Nakashima--vocal & guitar & Akko Hamada--vocal & bass , and Taakii--drums, and the harmonies that come out of this power trio are sometimes demonic, sometimes discordant but usually beautiful. If I was the Minister for Education, this kind of stuff would be compulsory. Go listen...

There's plenty of other stuff on ProjectJ to introduce you to

Go on... Feast your Ears!!

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