Sunday, October 31, 2004

Go!Go!7188 - Weird & Wonderful

Go get some now!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just randomly came across your blog whilst googling for some info on Go!Go!7188! I love this band too! Have you heard the new album?


Cowki said...

If you mean "Ryuzetsuran" then YES. I think it was released a few days before this post (27th). They never disappoint, and there's not one track I don't like but one favorite has to be 'Kunoichi' which I've also got on video playing live outside a record store in Tokyo. I just love their vocal harmonies - like no other band I know of. If you like these then check out 'Cherry Filter' from Korea. The lead singer's called 'Youjeen' but I'm not sure whether she has now gone solo or is doing 'Cherry Filter' alongside her solo career. Check out the Youjeen track called 'Hey Jerks'. 10/10