Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Went to see this "film" on Tuesday night at the local UCI. It was a special preview that my friend won 2 tckets to see and I wouldn't have gone to see it normally but with the freebie tickets I decided to go for it. Now apparently it was 6 years in the making, probably due to the fact that there were abolutely no sets, with every scene being shot against bluescreen (or green ?) and everything else put in during post production - but something's missing. I dont care how good an actor/actress you are, if you can't see what you supposed to react to, you're not gonna look like you're taking part in the scene. I never felt like any of the characters were ever in any danger at all. I couldn't empathise with any of them, and so I ended up not caring what happened cause I knew it was all fake. Now I know there's this thing called 'suspension of disbelief', but here there was just no belief at all.
Technically, its very well done, with the great looking sets, giant robots and the general treatment of the film being very reminiscent of the classic Metropolis, as was intended, but after a while I began to get fed up with everyone being backlit, a lighting trick to aid the compositing process by reducing the background colour spilling onto the actors. Not that its necessarily a bad film, the story is OK by fantasy standards, the acting is OK as long as you don't mind people gazing into nothingness, and it looks good, but aren't we missing the point. Yes it can all be 'done in post' - but it doesn't mean that it should. The same thing happened to the last 3 Star Wars films. A few minutes of principal photography filming the actors, and then 10 years of post production, and you get a great looking but ultimately lifeless film, with no audience empathy at all.Yes that was an exaggeration - but how are we supposed to care what happens to an actor if the only danger he is in is banging his head on a bluescreen? Maybe I'm just too cynical.

Anyone else seen the film and would like to comment?


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