Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I went to see Phone on Tuesday night, another Korean film in the Tartan Asia Extreme season at UGC cinemas here in the UK. Directed by Byeong-ki Ahn, its a story of love, deception, heartache and possession centred around Ji-won, a journalist who, having exposed a paedophilia story, is targeted by the perpetrators. It all starts to kick off when she gets a new mobile phone and starts to receive strange calls. The combination of mind bending weird noises down the phoneline and the contstant feeling of being watched starts to drive her mad. Then her friend's daughter becomes 'possessed' when she accidentally answers the phone, leading Ji-won to investigate. At times it was a little slow, and dare I say quite tame for what I'd come to expect from the season so far, but then again maybe I was just expecting a regurgitation of 'Ring', (which it isn't by the way). I even fell asleep I'm sorry to say - but I was really tired and hated myself for doing so. Though certainly not as mind bending as 'Gozu' or 'Tale of Two Sisters', it was refreshingly straight forward, with a nice but somewhat predictable twist at the end
Next film in season:
THE ISLE Directed by KIM Ki-duk - Korean
(opens September 24th in Cardiff)

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