Monday, August 30, 2004

A Tale Of Two Sisters

I went to the cinema again last night to see the 2nd offering in the Tartan Asia Extreme Cinema season. Called A Tale Of Two Sisters (cert. 15) and directed by Kim Ji-woon, it centres around two extremely close sisters, Su-mi and Su-yeon, and starts in a mental institution where Su-mi is being questioned as to whether she remembers anything about what happened to her. The entire film then becomes a long flashback sequence which attempts to explain how she came to be so mentally unstable.

Su-mi returns home to a creepy wooden house after recovering from a mental breakdown, to be greeted by Eun-joo, their questionably unstable mad bitch of a stepmother. A fairly stereotypical scenario ensues, in which Su-mi refuses to accept her as a replacement for her real mother, whilst at the same time taking it out on her seemingly pathetic excuse for a father. The love between the sisters, with Su-mi being the protective older one, seems to be the only way they can deal with the situation. Terrifying dream sequences, ghosts (especially the one crawling up the bed), blood trails, epileptic fits, and chronic schizophrenia provide the backdrop to this brilliantly crafted movie. With so many twists in the plot it does confuse at times, but ultimately, you just want to watch it again because next time you're sure to figure it all out. ;-)

Next film in season:
THE PHONE Directed by AHN Byung-ki -
(opens September 10th in Cardiff)

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kiji said...

Undoubtedly an outstanding film. However, there seem to be many differing opinions out there as to what it was all about! My thoughts on this, should anyone be interested, are posted on my blog at

Best wishes
Kiji :-)