Monday, August 30, 2004

Something for the weekend sir?

It has been a very good weekend all round really. I pulled an all-nighter on Friday at work (deadlines),a few hours sleep and more work on Saturday meant that I wasn't in the mood for partying but I thought "all work and no play..." yadda yadda... I knew there was a party going on Saturday night in the middle of a field because a friend of mine is going to Australia for a year working, with a view to maybe emigrating if all goes well. Coincidentally it was her birthday and another friend's too, so they combined the 3 events into a bit of a bash in a field with camping facilities and a bunkhouse which holds 30 people. Much drinking, chatting and bad DJ'ing later, I had to retire to bed only to get up half hour later, expel said contents of stomach and go back to bed hopefully this time without the room spinning.

So Sunday, we get up and head back to Cardiff with 2 Czech guys that I met the night before. Back in cardiff, I watched Amir Khan lose in the Olympic boxing, went back to work, watched the Belgian Grand Prix (nice one Kimi), worked until 7pm, then went to Zushi for food before heading to the cinema (see previous post). Then back to work, till 6am. Slept till midday on Monday and now I'm getting ready to go down to south-east London for a couple of days - working!!

It seems that although I work hard, I do play hard too - sometimes.

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