Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Skirting the Issue

Just love this photo. Wouldn't it be great if everyone wore these. You'd never have to ask - "does my bum look big in this"? Cant remember where I got it from but they're not really see-thru, just printed. Fantastic. Apparently an anonymous commenter has told me that these are just fake photos, so see the comments below for details ;-)

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Anonymous said...

These are actually false photos. There is an urban legends website called Snopes and they've seen these and have declared them as touched up pics. The story is here.

Cowki said...

Aha, thought it was too good to be true... but I don't mind. Its done well enough, and should be available in the shops. They'd definitely sell haha.

Thanks for the info though, and for being the first anonymous person to comment on anything in my blog. Seems pictures might attract more viewers/comments... I'll have to post some more.

kranki said...

You mean not everything on the internet is true?

Everything on my blog is true. Check for yourself. 100%ish.

Anonymous said...

These were published on one of the online fashion mags - the asses are printed onto skirts [so they're not actually see through nor fake]. They sell in Asia.