Friday, August 13, 2004

Life can be good sometimes

Well, back again and feeling remarkably ok. Life definitely seems to have taken a turn for the better. Social life is picking up after having little or no money for a while. I'm terrible at coping when I have no money. I tend to become very reclusive and would rather stay in and not talk to anyone, than go out and have people buy me drinks and stuff. But when I'm even the tinyest bit flush I tend to celebrate by buying everyone a drink as tho I'm paying the world back for every penny I've ever borrowed.

Anyway I think I'm gonna go to the cinema tommorow and watch GOZU, as part of the Tartan Asia Extreme Cinema season at UGC. Hopefully I can get some friends to come along and we will have a bit of a Japanese night... starting off with some Japanese food at the local noodle bar (I just love Sashimi and Teryaki), and then finish off the night with some quality Japanese film weirdness.

You know... sometimes... life... can be rather fun.

Back soon (ish) - with a review of GOZU.

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