Saturday, August 28, 2004


Inevitably when browsing the net, you come across the odd gem which you want everyone to see. Well this is just one of those... its some 3D character animation and it just makes me smile each time I watch it. I have no idea what it is used for, if anything yet, could just be a test animation, but maybe someone out there can enlighten me? The character is called Kozo (I think, or maybe its advertising something called Kozo?). Anyway... here's the link, and enjoy...

BTW... you'll need Flash to play it.

Tip of the day:
Make a 'daily' folder in your favorites, and put the links you go to every day in there. Much easier than looking through a giant list of links. When you get bored with a site, move it out of 'daily' into 'weekly' etc... etc

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