Friday, July 16, 2004

Travelling the world

My mate Simon just got back from spending 3 months walkabout in Australia, and a 3 night stopover in Japan. He's staying with me for a week or so to come down from it all and get his bearings back in 'sunny' Britain. Obviously he's a bit deflated after such an exciting 'adventure'. He thinks its mostly due to jet-lag, but I reckon its just coming 'down to earth with a bang'. Still at least he's done it. I am slightly jealous, more so of his mini Japanese excursion for obvious reasons, so I'm gonna save up and go visit the land of my dreams. I know its a pretty expensive cost-of-living out there but I gotta do it no matter what. I've travelled a fair bit either thru being in a punk band or with my girlfriend/friends. In fact if I list them it sounds quite impressive. But still, the one place I want to visit the most is Japan. And SOON... I have a calling to answer.


Cowki said...

I've made that list of places I visited... Here goes... Canada (Toronto, Niagara Falls)
Iceland (Reykjavic, Blue Lagoon)
Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)
Finland (Helsinki)
France (Paris, Samois sur Seine)
Italy (Milan, Venice, Turin, Florence, Verona)
Morocco (Casablanca, Marrakesh)
Holland (Amsterdam)
Ireland (Dublin, Belfast)
Germany (Dresden, Wolfenbuttel, Leipzig, Spremberg)
Belgium (Ostend, Ghent)
USA (New York, Buffalo, Seattle, Portland, Austin)
Crete (Aghios Nikolaos)

I was wondering if there is a website anywhere that would allow you to kinda check off coutries as you've visitied them and keep track of them all. I'll have a surf around. Anyone know of any - please post ;-)

Cowki said...

Found one... simple but effective.