Thursday, July 15, 2004

Looking 4 fun and feeling groovy

Well, aren't I the lucky one... Today has seen the parting of those dark clouds and I can see that silver lining again. I had a bit of a health scare a few weeks back and got my blood test results today.... all clear. I got really anxious and got the doc to check as much as possible; Blood sugar, iron, cholesterol, you name it. Also a hereditary blood disorder called haemochromotosis with which my mother got diagnosed as a carrier and which basically killed my uncle. Apparently it causes the blood to have too much iron in it, until it reaches toxic levels, impairing liver function, poisoning the body etc etc. But according to the doc's receptionist, all tests came back normal.

Put that together with the fact that my pay cheque has cleared and I think I'm on for a big one tonight. Probably end up in hosptial haha. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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Cowki said...

Well, not a mojor celebration by any means. Didn't leave work till 8pm so by the time I'd got to the pub with my mate Simon, I didn't really have time to get drunk or celebrate. We just talked about the Welsh news, film industry and quango's.